The Branch Church Is:

A Gospel-Centered Community Living on Mission


We Believe:

Jesus is Everything,

Your Story Matters,

People Matter



(Jesus is Everything)


To be gospel-centered means to focus on Jesus, who He is and what He has done.

To hold this gospel message as “of first importance” is what it means for one’s theology to be “gospel-centered.” Therefore, our friendships, gatherings, service, events, and life are all centered and motivated by the person and work of Jesus. The gospel saves us and sustains us. 


(Your Story Matters)


We are called to be communal creatures; The Christian faith is not intended to be lived alone. 

God has eternally existed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit; God is communal.  Bearing the image of God, mankind is called to reflect this reality. The local church is not merely a place that we attend, but a people to whom we belong. Living in community is a radical call that involves getting messy, being vulnerable, confessing sins, and growing in our relationship with the Lord and one another.  



Living on Mission

(People Matter)



Practically, that means we want people who know Jesus, to help more people know Jesus. 

Some of Jesus’ last words to the church were to make disciples. We want to see new Christians and maturing Christians.  It’s about bringing the gospel to bear on all of life for all people amid life’s normal rhythms, things like celebrating, eating, listening, working, blessing, and suffering.