Part of the culture of The Branch Church is to celebrate what God is doing in the life of our Church.

We deeply believe that our stories matter in advancing the gospel through what Christ has done in our lives.

We want to constantly be celebrating these stories.

Elizabeth Mallory &

Mackenzie Abernathy


Elizabeth Mallory is a college student at UNG. This past semester- she truly lived out her faith in a tangible way. She made friends with her classmates- Mackenzie Abernathy. They soon began riding to class together, and Elizabeth would strike up conversations of how great God is, and all He was doing in her life. Not long after a few of these conversations, Mackenzie began asking questions about Christ, and how to know Him like Elizabeth did. Elizabeth lead Mackenzie to the Lord, and baptized her earlier this year. Now because of Elizabeth's vocal love for the Lord, Mackenzie is now her sister in Christ. Mackenzie helps co-lead the college on campus Missional Community. 




Jasmine Walthall 


Jasmine Walthall (Jazz or Jazzy Jazz) is a college student at UNG, and she is absolutely awesome! She has a big personality that is only matched by her smile. Jazz has been a integral part of the core team at The Branch. Jazz knew the Lord was calling her to be Baptized this past year during Heart Rush with the UNG BCM. Jazz helps co-lead the college on campus Missional Community.