1. Deep Roots

  • We are not going to be a quick, beautiful flower that dies in the morning, but a slow oak that is strong and secure. We are focused on the long term- we want to develop healthy, deep roots. // Isaiah 61:33

2. Real 

  • We don’t want to be a culture of fakers. We will be H.O.T. (Honest, Open, and Transparent). 

3. Confession

  • It is a lost art in our day. The Bible commands us to confess our sins so we will. // James 5:16 

4. Honor

5. Teamwork

  • If we are for making much out of God and not ourselves, then teamwork comes easy. We will protect each other’s back, not gossip, and be a team focusing on the same goal. 

6. Dream Big 

  • Jesus is a creative God that owns everything. We will dream God sized dreams.

7. Multiplication 

  • Disciples make disciples that make disciples. Leaders make leaders that make leaders. Churches plant churches that plant churches.   

8. Resourceful

  • Jesus changed the world while he was homeless. We don’t need all this extra fluff. Be great stewards of what God has entrusted us with.

9. Accountability 

  • We take sin seriously and we let our yes be yes, and no be no. We understand that we are human and need help staying on track. We encourage people to hold us accountable.

10. Ownership 

  • Because there is always grace, we own up to our sin- not making excuses as to why we sin, but actively seek to remove that sin from our lives. When others call this out in us, we genuinely reflect on their concerns, not deflect. 

11. Excellence

  • We do everything like we are doing it for the Lord. We hustle. There is work to be done. We hustle on and off the field of ministry, and our faith. // Colossians 3:23 

12. Priorities

  • God. Family. Church. We will not put the church before our family. We take Sabbath- weekly. We will retreat as a staff and church- either entire church or Missional Communities (MC’s).