June 15, 2015
Hey guys! Check out what I learned about discipleship from playing in the ocean with my daughter! Click here! Love you guys! gabe
May 04, 2015
Hey guys! I can’t believe we have just completed our first school year as a church plant. It’s crazy that we launched last September! Wow! We wanted to try something different this summer. Around half of our Sunday Gathering attenders are college students that are either gone home or are serving somewhere over the summer. Basically, they are not in Dahlonega. Because of that and vacations, we will move our Sunday night Gatherings to our house, the Dodds, at 5:30. There are a few reasons...
February 16, 2015
Church is… That’s a loaded question. I think for most, the sentence will end with something negative. The sentence will end with an awful story of when someone was talked about, put down, kicked out, not welcome, and never going back. That is an true statement for most people. I think one of the reasons are people failing to admit who they are. So as a pastor, let me let you in on the people of the Branch Church, my self-included. The Church is….. a mess! We are! Plain and simple. No...
January 26, 2015
You cancel “church” for a football game?! Our church gathers on Sunday nights at 5:30 and then we scatter through out the week for life in community. Our goal as a church isn’t to get as many people under one roof once a week. Its not to act one way on Sunday and be a different person the rest of the week. Our goal is to live as family, always. We believe that Gods plan to change the world is to have groups of people saved by Jesus to be the church. This is how we would prove our claims...
December 30, 2014
Go check out my latest blog. Love you guys gabe dodd
June 26, 2014
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Have you ever felt separated from God? Too far to feel His love? Do you feel too sinful to ever be loved by God, too wretched to be accepted by the infinitely perfect one? Do you feel even now that you aren’t worthy of God’s love- that He could never actually love you? That you're too far-gone? That you've done too much? If so, I pray that you consider what God the Son- Jesus, did for you. I pray that you would meditate on how deeply God loves you, the extents He went to ransom you, and the...
June 13, 2014
"Sometimes-you-want-to-go where everybody knows your name…”