The Branch Network

10 Year Vision


In the next decade, we will grow a network of 10 high-impact churches spread across college communities in the southeast.  These churches will be focused on leadership development through discipleship- with their primary measure of effectiveness being the number of leaders multiplied every two years. 



3 Year Vision

  • Complete a leadership development pipeline through missional communities with a highly functioning leadership culture including accountability, content and systems
  • Multiply from one to three churches with a minimum of four key leaders per church
  • Develop a Branch Network team offering oversight and leadership development to all network churches
  • Establish a revenue stream of $125,000 annually for the Branch Network

1Year Vision

  • In one year, we will have 100% of our members in a MC
  • 100% of our members in a DNA
  • Members will be identifying someone ahead of them and behind them in their walk with Christ. 

90 Day Vision

  • Finalize our Constitution, bi-laws, and membership process and welcome members to the Church
  • Develop and implement an effective assimilation strategy for MCs and DNAs.
  • Train DNA leaders and launch DNAs. 
  • Continue developing the leaders we have and identify and pursue the next generation of MC and DNA leaders.